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Protect Your Crown is a boutique created by Aja M. Woodby, master hairstylist and owner of AjaBLU Salon & Studio located in Maryland. Aja Created this boutique to assist her clients with alternative ways to protect their crowns in an effectively fashionable and affordable way. 

Aja is an avid fashion lover of every era and expresses her love for fashion through her hair accessory line. Aja is a stickler for detail and is confident in giving you a high quality, luxury item you will enjoy forever. Not only is the quality amazing, they are super stylish and perfect on not so amazing hair days.

Not only are PYC hair accessories stylish, some also act as tools to help protect and maintain the health and integrity of your hair in a very stylish way.

Protect Your Crown believes that no one should have to compromise their individual style based on their own unique phase of life. Style is an essential form of self expression and our goodies will help those that tend to have a difficult time looking pulled together and presentable through this unpredictable journey called life.


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